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As part of our programme to continually refine the playing surfaces at St. Margarets and to promote the fescue programme the greens have been treated with a graminicide called Stratos Ultra. The target grass is Highland Bentgrass which, due to its stoloniferous growth nature, sends runners across the greens which causes the grass to spread, creates uneven putting surfaces and looks unsightly as can be seen in the photo below.Once treated it will take approximately 14-21 days for the grass to die off. The damage will be localised and will not adversely affect the quality of the greens. Following the treatment, the greens will take on the appearance of the surface as seen in the below photo. Along with creating a good putting surface, Fescue is a more resilient grass which has natural disease and drought tolerance which is in line with our policy to maintain the golf course in an environmentally responsible manner.

We would like to thank you for your understanding throughout this treatment, safe in the knowledge that it will ultimately improve the playing surfaces and your enjoyment of the golf course.

Ronan Branigan
Synergy Golf