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The GUI has released the Inter Club draws for 2020.

Some good news is that we do not have to travel afar, but the bad news is that we are away in all competitions. All competitions are match play knock out format with 5 matches played on a home and away basis.

Our Junior Cup team is away to Roganstown, the match to be played before 26th July. Should we progress we are away to Bellewstown. Minimum 4 handicap played off scratch.

The Barton Cup team is away to Corrstown in the second round to be played before 16th August. The rules for this competition are match play, pairings off EXACT 14 combination based on last year’s lowest handicaps.

The Jimmy Bruen team faces an away 2nd round match at Roganstown before 3rd August. Minimum 5 handicap with a combination of 15. Matches played off scratch.

Our Pierce Purcell team has a first round match away to Elm Green, to be played before 26th July. Minimum 11 handicap with a combination of 25. Matches played off scratch.

The competitions require each player to play off their lowest handicap in 2019 and to have 4 qualifying cards submitted (Barton Cup excepted).

Bruen and Purcell are fourball off scratch, while in the Barton the lowest handicap player goes to scratch and the other 3 get 90% of difference.

If you are a new member, qualified and you wish to play please contact me on 0894524257.

Eddie Hyland.