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The dates are fixed for our first matches in this year’s competitions.

The Pierce Purcell will commence on Saturday 25th July with 3 matches away to Elm Green at 3.30 pm and 2 matches at home at 4.20 pm.

Due to unforeseen problems, this panel will be assembled over the weekend and practice can be arranged before the match.

The Junior Cup team will play 3 matches away to Roganstown on Sunday 26th July at 3.30 pm and 2 matches at home, same time.

The Pierce Purcell team also play 3 matches away to Roganstown on Sunday 26th July following the Junior Cup and 2 matches at home after the Junior Cup matches.


Unlike Elm Green, Roganstown did not provide practice rounds and were not reciprocated at St Margaret’s. There was no breach of GUI conditions, merely Covid precautions.


On the subject of Covid, Team managers, assistants, players, substitutes and others should keep up to date with advice from the GUI by logging on to Golfnet, interclub competitions.

While spectators may attend matches, they must practice social distancing and act in a “SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER.”


Team managers are required to provide a team sheet (by mobile photo) and Cup and Shield report for home and aware players, to show the lowest 2019 handicap and number of qualifying competitions. No caddies are permitted. Be aware of bunker and flagstick rules (see Golfnet). Post results to results@leinster.gui.ie.

Golfers remember, no sharing, and practice social distancing.


The provision of refreshments will be reviewed next week and panels advised


Eddie Hyland