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Captain Desy Haughton has intimated his desire to promote Inter-Club golf at St Margaret’s in 2020.
He will continue with the great work of the 2019 men’s golf club committee introduced under Captain Noel Carroll. Some of the initiatives included:

• Team panel members coached by the club professional Shane Jenkinson
• Practice facilities agreed with our neighbouring club Corrstown
• Refreshments provided to members after team panel gatherings
• Appointment of an Inter-Club team co-ordinator (Eddie Hyland)
• Members updated in the club newsletter on the progress of Inter-Club teams
• Presentation by GUI on rules.

In addition to the above initiatives, team managers and team players/pairings will be invited by Captain Desy to the club to discuss the following:
• The 2020 Inter-Club team preparations
• Meet with Shane Jenkinson Club Professional
• Hear about his 2020 team coaching plans
• Meet with team coordinator Eddie Hyland
• New rules update introduced in 2019
• Ideas to involve members and promote Inter-Club participation.
What can you do in the meantime?

Find out what teams you qualify to play in, select a partner if the team involves a pairing for fourball/foursomes, and update your knowledge on the rules of golf by taking the “randa” rules quiz online.

If you have any questions regarding Inter-Club golf please feel free to contact Eddie Hyland mobile: 0894524257, email: hylandeddie@gmail.com.