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The Captain and Committee are close to confirming details of Managers for this year’s Inter Club teams.
You will soon have an opportunity to put your name forward for team selection. This year we are asking you to nominate a partner if the team involves fourball/foursomes play. This will assist the manager’s team selection process.If you are still sitting on the fence about putting your name forward, here is a synopsis of what we managers look for:
· A team player
· Ability to play the right shot at the right time (not throwing away a hole in match play)
· Knowing how to play your opponent in a match, not the course
· Have a solid short game
· Be a solid pace putter
· Have the ability to forgive/forget poor/bad shots
· Smart shot selection
· Good course management
· Playing the percentage shot (not going for the hero shot)
· Knowing your limitations in accuracy and distance
· Experience in match play is a bonus
· Honesty
· Commitment to practice
· A good match play record
· The mental capacity to deal with pressure situations.
Not one manager specified you must be a great player, have subpar scores on every hole or must win at all costs.
Every manager realises that all players will give of their best on the day. The luck of the draw determines home advantage, luck plays a big part in matches and sometimes your opponent just cannot do any wrong. So, if you are still on the fence, put your name forward, speak to the manager concerned about any hesitance’s you have regarding practice and time commitments due to work and family circumstances. Inter Club matches raise the standard of golf for club players and help prepare you for the Captain’s prize, Club Medal and Match Play events. If you cannot participate as a player perhaps you can assist or support a team manager, think about it.

Eddie Hyland